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The Community Improvement Initiative (CII)  is a 501 (c ) 3 charity located in Orlando, Florida.  Today's Jazz Book is a project of CII consistent with its mission to build communities, help individuals improve themselves, and host events that serve the public interest.

CII has no paid staff.  All donations and proceeds after event and organization costs go to funding CII projects.

We wish we could give an email address on this page, but it generates far too much spam.  However, your question submits directly to Brent Ward who will respond to you just as if you sent an email.

If you want to submit a song for consideration, please provide a link to a song. Or send us a message about other questions you may have. Alternatively, you may send us your email and we can give you an email address to which Mp3's or other media can be sent.  You may also register at the forum menu item and send a private message to Brent Ward.

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