In addressing copyright issues with this project, we met with a lawyer versed in Creative Commons licensing and relevant copyright law.  Consequently, there are legal aspects to this projects users and composers should know. 

For Users
All songs have a specific license.  Because volunteers in an organization like this do not provide legal advice, you should do your own research about the conditions on which the songs in Today's Jazz Book can be used without the payment of royalties.  A few resources include, but are not limited to and

For Composers
After we accept your work for inclusion in Today's Jazz Book, there are a few legal steps that affect Composers.

1.  We require you to warranty that the composition is your own, original work.
2.  You must agree to license the work under a  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
3.  You may have other legal documents to send us if you have given licenses to other users.
4.  After your work is accepted, you agree to upload the your work to our discussion forum with the appropriate license attached.
5.  You agree to our privacy and terms of use for the site.

Copyright Violations
It is the policy of Community Improvement Initiative (the charity that sponsors Today's Jazz Book) to abide by copyright laws.  Users of this site should read and understand the Copyright Policy below.

Repeat Infringer Policy
It is Community Improvement Initiative's policy, in appropriate circumstances, to terminate the accounts of discussion forum accounts of composers or users who are repeat infringers or are repeatedly charged with infringement. Further CII reserves the right to take down any MP3's or sheet music that is believed to violate copyright laws.

Forum Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Creative Commons License(s)

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