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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a  book of ever-expanding, quality, royalty free, jazz-oriented compositions that musicians of all ages around the world will play regularly.  In the tradition of The Real Book, our goal is for the songs to become part of the repertoire of musicians world wide. We also strive to advance jazz in modern culture through the dissemination of new compositions and help composers improve their writing.    

The Concept   

 Composers submit original, jazz-oriented compositions to Today's Jazz Book via our discussion forum (registration is required -- the preferred method).  Alternatively, composers may fill out the Contact Us form and we will send you our email address. Peer reviewers (mostly experienced local musicians from multiple age groups) debate whether the song should be included in Today's Jazz Book.  A curator reviews the debate, makes the final decision, and informs the composer of the decision. All review and communication with the composer is done privately.


There are several purposes associated with Today's Jazz Book.

1. To help composers improve their writing. Resources posted here will help composers hone their compositional skills and get feedback on their compositions. In this sense, the process of populating the book with songs helps composers improve themselves. Feedback will be given on songs submitted for inclusion, whether accepted or not.

2. To promote the performance of live music. Many musicians find clients in certain areas of the world are unwilling to host live music due licensing fees charged by Performing Rights Organizations. Today's Jazz Book provides compositions licensed under Creative Commons (CC). Certain CC licenses will allow venue-owners to hire musicians without paying licensing fees, provided the conditions of the license are met. This promotes live music and provides more performance opportunities for musicians.

3. To promote composers' music. Many composers lack the resources to promote their compositions. Today's Jazz Book provides a viral means by which musicians can perpetuate their music to others. Composers can also provide a link to their personal website at the bottom of their composition, where they can accept donations if the want. Composers' websites are created and managed by the composer, and are not managed, or associated with this site. Our volunteers regularly promote Today's Jazz Book to other musicians via the web, personal contacts, and events that promote live music. Further, many composers enjoy seeing their work performed and interpreted by other musicians. In this sense, Today's Jazz Book provide intrinsic value to composers. 

How Do We Define Jazz?

Jazz is defined very broadly, encompassing classic jazz, bossa novas, fusion, smooth jazz,  contemporary jazz, latin jazz, classical jazz, vocal selections or other styles the composer considers jazz.  We hesitate to define jazz too narrowly.  Instead we consider a focus on improvisation the defining characteristic of jazz.

Copyright Policy

After work is accepted for inclusion in Today's Jazz Book, composers grant a Creative Commons license to users of their song(s). Then the song is published electronically. For details on the Creative Common license used for songs published in Today's Jazz Book, review details at the Creative Commons link below. (Note, none of this should be construed as legal advice). Please view our Copyright Policy Page for more information.


Samba De Rio
Manny Patino

Samba de Rio.mp3

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